Definition: West Semitic, to help, deliver, save. 1a. (i) Joshua, from Hebrew yǝhôšûac, Yahweh (is) salvation, from *šûac, salvation; (ii) Jesus, from Hebrew yēšûac, short for yǝhôšûac, Joshua (see above); b. Elisha, from Hebrew ɔĕlîšāc, God (is) salvation, from *yāšāc, salvation (exact form uncertain; related to yēšac, salvation, see below; ɔĕl, God, see l-1). Both a and b from *yāšac, to save (⇐ *waṯaca); c. (i) Hosanna, from Hebrew hôšac-nāɔ, from hôšac, deliver, save, imperative of hôšîac, to deliver, save (⇐ *hawṯica), derived stem of *yāšac (see above; ɔ, injunctive particle); (ii) Hosea, from Hebrew hôšēac, salvation, from hôšîac (see above). 2. Isaiah, from Hebrew yǝšacyāhû, salvation of Yahweh, from yǝšac, reduced form of yēšac, salvation (yāhû, Yahweh; see hwy).

The American Heritage dictionary of the English language. 2015.

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